Technical specifications


  • New innovative HiSpin Motor engine with aerodynamic blades and a perfectly tuned airflow for high dust and suction performance with low power consumption
  • For up to 60% *** higher suction power and better device performance, we recommend the use of the innovative PowerProtect G ALL (BBZ41FGALL) powder bag

  • Hygiene filter for fresh air.
  • Washable filter
  • Spare bag filters: G

  • Adjustable sole for carpets and floors
  • Treadmill for hard flooring. Specially designed for deep cleaning of joints and gaps such as tiles and floor slabs. Suitable for gentle cleaning of sensitive floors such as parquet.
  • Accessory 2 in 1: upholstery / cavity nozzle
  • Telescopic tube
  • Ergo grip ergonomic handle
  • Useful Filter Bag Capacity: L
  • BigCapacity: large dust bag capacity despite small broom size – minimizes dust bag changes and reduces costs
  • Easy to store: Very convenient, even after wiping. The device is easily and quickly stored thanks to its compact shape. This results in more space for other objects.
  • Automatic cable winding
  • Action radius: 8 m
  • Large wheels for protection against hard floors
  • Electronic absorption adjustment by rotary switch
  • 2 large fixed wheels / one small rotating
  • Parking and storage assistance
  • Weight: 3.1 kg (without accessories)
  • Noise Levels (Sound Power Level): 80 DB (A)
  • *** Suction power in partially filled dust bag (400 g) compared to Siemens / Bosch Type G bags
    without PowerProtect technology and tested on BSGL5 vacuum cleaner series … / VSZ5
  • Measurements and calculations based on European Directive 666/2013. Measurements not detailed in this Regulation shall be made in accordance with EN 60312-1: 2013


Additional information
General characteristics

Brand Bosch
Model BZGL2A312
EAN code

Electric socket socket  –
Device color Laguna blue
Compressor technology  –
Second color black
Bucket material Metallic
Number of wheels 2large r.wheels / 1 steer.roller

Product Dimensions (Y x W x B) (mm) 232 x 291 x 367 mm
Weight (kg) – only the broom 3.1 kg
Gross weight (kg) 5.6 kg
Net Weight (kg) 4,400 kg

Carpet brush Engineer
Filter Microfilter
Filter / bag material fleece bag
Filter change indicator  –
Type With a bag
Tread for carpets and hard floors adjustable wheels
Operating radius (m) 8 m
Cable winding automatic
Tube parking system Yes
Tube storage system  –
Telescopic tube  –
Suitable for pets  –
Suitable for allergic patients  –
Technical specifications

Electricity (A) 10 A
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Noise level (dB (A) re 1 pW) 80
Rated input power (2010/30 / EC) 600 W
Special accessories

Storage of accessories Not integrated
Extra tread Treadmill for hard floors

Excellent cleaning performance and great space saving. Perfect choice for small households.