• New innovative HiSpin Motor engine with aerodynamic blades and a perfectly tuned airflow for high cleaning efficiency and low power suction with low power consumption
  • For up to 60% *** higher suction power and better device performance, we recommend the use of the innovative PowerProtect G ALL (BBZ41FGALL) powder bag

  • Hygiene filter for fresh air.
  • Replacement bag filters: G_A

  • Bag & Bagless: 2 in 1, with a special dust collection container for cost savings or alternative high hygiene bags to keep dust away from you
  • Adjustable sole for carpets and floors
  • Treadmill for hard flooring. Specially designed for deep cleaning of joints and gaps such as tiles and floor slabs. Suitable for gentle cleaning of sensitive floors such as parquet.
  • Nozzle for corners and joints and Nozzle for wallpapers
  • Telescopic tube
  • Ergo grip ergonomic handle
  • Useful filter bag capacity: L 4L
  • BigCapacity: large dust bag capacity despite small broom size – minimizes dust bag changes and reduces costs
  • Automatic cable winding
  • Action radius: 8 m
  • Electronic absorption adjustment by rotary switch
  • 2 large fixed wheels / one small rotating
  • Indication of change of bag
  • Parking and storage assistance
  • Weight: 3 kg (without accessories)
  • Noise Levels (Sound Power Level): 69db (A)
  • *** Suction power in partially filled dust bag (400 g) compared to Siemens / Bosch Type G bags
    without PowerProtect technology and tested on BSGL5 vacuum cleaner series … / VSZ5
  • Measurements and calculations based on European Directive 666/2013. Measurements not detailed in this Regulation shall be made in accordance with EN 60312-1: 2013
Additional information

General characteristics

Brand Bosch
Model BGL2UA3008
EAN code

Electric socket socket
Device color magic black translucent
Compressor technology
Second color black
Bucket material Metallic
Number of wheels 2large r.wheels / 1 steer.roller
Dimensions – Weights

Product Dimensions (Y x W x B) (mm) 260 x 295 x 370 mm
Weight (kg) – only the broom 3.0 kg
Gross weight (kg) 6.0 kg
Net Weight (kg) 4,200 kg

Carpet brush Engineer
Filter Microfilter
Filter / bag material fleece bag
Filter change indicator
Type With a bag
Tread for carpets and hard floors adjustable wheels
Operating radius (m) 8 m
Cable winding automatic
Tube parking system Yes
Tube storage system
Telescopic tube
Suitable for pets
Suitable for allergic patients
Technical specifications

Electricity (A) 10 A
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Noise level (dB (A) re 1 pW) 80
Rated input power (2010/30 / EC) 600 W
Special accessories

Storage of accessories Not integrated
Extra tread Treadmill for hard floors

Small and lightweight with incredible performance